In order to launch your first email campaign there is a list of steps you need to go:

  1. Add a site on which you want to launch an email newsletter.
  2. Now, let's create an Email Campaign (go to Email - Campaigns and hit New Campaign button). You will start a wizard through which you can:

    - set general information (from name, from email etc.)
    - add all RSS/Atom feeds, you'd like Newzmate to pick content from automatically. Then, you can add other RSS/Atom feeds on Set up -> Sources Management page. Detailed instructions you can find by this link.
    - choose and adjust email template, specify schedule and upload your mailing list. More details on campaign creation process here and on email configuration by this link.
    - upload a mailing list and attach that list to an email campaign. More details about mailing lists you can find by this article.  
    - specify the schedule.
    - generate the integration code to let Newzmate monitor your website’s visitors interests, show opt-in forms and onsite recommendations widget. Put the code on all pages of the website (for example via Google Tag Manager). Then, you generate the code on Set up -> Integrations page

  3. Once RSS feeds and mailing list are added, integration is created and a newsletter template is configured you can start sending emails to your subscribers via Newzmate.
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