In order to launch your on-site recommendations widget there is a list of steps in Newzmate Dashboard you need to go through:

  1. Add an site on which you want to launch an on-site recommendations widget. 
  2. Go to Setup → Integrations page and create an integration. Requirements how to do it you can find in this article. And put the integration code on every page of the website where you want Newzmate to gather information about visitors behavior and optionally show content recommendations widget.
  3. Go to On-site recommendations and create a new recommendation widget for your website. Instruction how to create a widget you can find in this article.
  4. On the last tab of On-site recommendation config copy and paste placeholder HTML code in the right place at your website, wherever you want your audience to see recommended stories.  
  5. Go again to Setup → Integrations page and connect created integration with on-site recommendation widget. Just open integration settings pop-up and click on the mark needed widgets with a checkbox.
  6. Turn on the on-site recommendation widget in Newzmate Dashboard once you did all previous steps.
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