We’ve developed a solution driven by machine learning that brings geo and device targeting of advertising into emails which we call Dynamic ads and the main idea is to select content at the moment of email opening.

One of the key priorities for the publishing industry is effective monetization. And to address this need Newzmate can offer contextually targeted native ads within email campaigns. Newzmate's personalization engine driven by machine learning technology that is using 1st party data about the audience (based on user behavior and content semantic analysis) and applies it to 3rd party content from external native ads networks to deliver contextually, geo and device targeted native ads.

Here is how it works: when user opens an email there is a unique dynamic link inside the template that sends a request to Newzmate transferring location, email and device type data to the server. Based on this knowledge, about the subscriber and geo and device restrictions, Newzmate selects the most relevant content from the ad networks. On the next step Newzmate, based on predefined layout, merge image and title of the content item into a single image and sends to the email, so technically the user sees a single image which looks like a regular content item (image + title) and contextually targeted to her interests.

As a result, you can increase monetization effectiveness and get a new revenue stream which doesn’t face ad blocking problem and provide a great user experience.

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