The key element of email distribution and configuration are Campaigns. This article provides a detailed explanation of the campaign creation and configuration process.

If you didn’t have any campaigns before some of the pages in Newzmate Dashboard will contain blank information with the following notification

To start campaign creation process click Create campaign from Analytics → Overview; Email → Template or directly on Email → Campaign page

Click on "Create Campaign" button launches Campaign creation wizard that will guide you through the process:

 1. The first step requires to enter campaign title (this is your internal name that you’ll see in the list of campaigns (your subscribers are not going to see this information)) and choose the campaign type. Then, you would not be able to change the campaign type for the same email campaign.

 Then, you should:

          1. Enter From name. From name is used in email header and also on Unsubscribe page as a name of mailing list the person is opting out form    
          2. Define From email, if you want, you can change first part of the domain
          3. Change Subject line if you want to have static text or mix static text with dynamic values      
          4. Specify a Reply-to address, an email address that you’re going to receive a            feedback on from your subscribe
           5. Determine UTM tags

 2. Next step is a adding new RSS/Atom feeds. How do that you can find by this article.

. Fourth step is configuration of Email Template

          1. You need to choose an existing generic template that could be modified based on your needs. More details about email configuration you can find in this article
          2. Or create a custom email template that could be designed from scratch via Newzmate's email editor

4. Then, mailing lists. You need to attach existing mailing list or create new and select it. You can write down specific addresses manually or upload CSV file (only email addresses, without quotes). Once you’ve done this step or if you don’t have an existing list of email address just click Next.

5.  Next, schedule adjustment. You need to set the schedule for the email campaign within already chosen distribution mode. Here you can find more information about Schedule. 

6. On the last step, you can create a new Integration code that you need to put on every page of the website to enable Newzmate to see what content does your audience like.

By this article you can find more information about integrations

 7. Once you’ve done all the steps you just click DONE.

Once the campaign is created you can manage it from Campaigns page of the Dashboard. Also here you can delete and duplicate them. 

Here are some of the options you have:

  1. General Campaign settings
  2. Template configuration
  3. Attached mailing lists 
  4. Schedule
  5. Integrations 
  6. Duplicate: use this option if you want to clone existing campaign using similar settings
  7. Delete campaign: you can delete campaign if you do not plan to use it
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