Please follow these steps to set up a block with stories recommended individually to each visitor of your website:

  1. Go to On-site recommendations
  2. Click Create widget button in the top right corner of the Dashboard
  3. Type in the widgets name and click the Create button.
  4. Click the gear icon to access widget's settings.

Recommendation widget settings consist of 5 tabs, where various features of the widget can be configured.

General tab lets you change the block's name, set its width and choose how many stories to display (widget layout).

Title setting allows you to specify the text for the title of the widget

Max width setting allows you to set the width for the widget

Widget layout setting gives a possibility to set the block layout (using grid selector)

Item layout setting allows to choose the item layout you want to use for the widget

Max publish age enables you to specify the age of the article in the widget accordingly to the day of their publishing

Responsive setting allows you to enable the layout responsiveness for the on-site recommendations widget

UTM tags settings provide a possibility to mark traffic from Newzmate with specific tags, so you can identify it within your website analytics tool (e.g. Google Analytics)

Style tab allows tweaking the visual configuration of the widget — Form, Title, Item, Image, Text, Category and Separator. These are all buttons and each introduces more options that you can play with.

Form section gives you a possibility to adjust the background, border, inner and outer space of the widget

Title section allows you to customize the title type, the background of the title, color of the text; choose the font, adjust border, inner space and bottom indent of the title

Item section gives a possibility to adjust the layout of each item in the widget (background, border, bottom indent, inner space) within the widget

Image section allows you to adjust the height, border margin and width (only for not responsive layout) in pixels

Text allows you to harmonize a background, color, font, title string length, inner space and top indent

Category section enables you to customize the color and font of the category; adjust the category string length and top indent for the category

Separator section gives you a possibility to harmonize the border and bottom indent between items vertically

Behavior lets you choose to display recommendation widget on the desktop or mobile versions of the website. You can choose both, of course

Placeholder is a tab where you can get the HTML code for displaying recommendation block on your website. Copy the code and paste it on your website, wherever you want your audience to see recommended stories

Sources is a tab where you can easily choose the feed (s) that you want Newzmate to pick the content from

In case you have any questions to clarify, please, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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