Overview page of the Newzmate Dashboard allows to monitor the activity and performance of your campaigns.
By default, all of your campaigns are selected. To review a particular campaign, deselect all others in the campaigns drop down menu:

Dashboard stats include:

Total Subscribers counter — the overall number of people who subscribed to newsletters

Active Subscribers counter — the number of subscribers who are still subscribed to newsletters

Total Sent Emails counter — the number of emails sent since the campaign launch

Total Opens counter - the number of opens made by subscribers in newsletters 

Total Clicks counter — the total number of clicks made by subscribers in newsletters

Sent Emails graph visually represents the number of sent emails during a certain period of time

Performance graph shows how many times your subscribers opened the emails and clicked on links in newsletters during a certain period of time

Campaign subscribers events graph displays the number of people subscribed to or unsubscribed from your newsletters during a certain period of time. Here you can check the total number of people who subscribed vs unsubscribed ones, see the way they subscribed (via widget, API, dashboard or some other way, marked in the dashboard as undefined). Hover the mouse on a particular column to see the box with detailed info

When it comes to unsubscribe details, mailing list activity graph displays the unsubscribe reason

The final graph on the Overview page is General Performance Data — a table with general information about campaign daily performance — number of subscribed and unsubscribed people, number of sent emails and clicks made. Here you can download a report by clicking on the corresponding button

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