Email editor allows to customize newsletter template in various ways, making it look coherent with corporate design.

The editor page consists of Content and Settings, Edit blocks (that enables to add, edit or delete blocks) and a large preview pane, where changes to the template are reflected.

Content tab has a list of email template blocks, each can be customized separately. Click on a certain block to access its settings. 

Settings tab allows to customise body width, a color of the background and to set the responsive layout. Also, the tab gives a possibility to change the preheader text that follows the subject line when an email is viewed in the inbox and enable the option - send emails without dynamic content.

Block (mobile) and item (mobile) gives a possibility to customise the settings for blocks and items in the emails for Mobile version

By clicks on a Lock icon, you can add anew block, hide and duplicate, edit or delete existing one and also change the position of the block within email template.

Currently, you can add 12 different blocks:

  1. Dynamic block is based on the content from external data sources (etc. RSS feeds) that will be selected and updated automatically based on content selection type. This block has 4 sections:
  • Sources allows to attach RSS feeds to the block
  • Block section gives a possibility to adjust the layout of the whole block:
    - General subsection allows to set the block layout
           - You can enable the Block title just toggle the show switch ON. You can adjust the background; choose the color, size and family of the text; and adjust the paddings for the title.
           - Separator gives a possibility to separate the items inside the block.
           - Style subsection allows to adjust the background (outer and inner), border and paddings for the whole block.
  • Item section gives a possibility to adjust the layout of the item within the block.
           - General subsection allows to choose the item layout (using grid selector)
           - Image subsection allows you to adjust the space, size (including width (%) and height in pixels) and alignment
           - Text block subsection gives a possibility to adjust the paddings around text block in the item
           - You can enable the Category and set the color, text length, the size and alignment
           - Title subsection allows to adjust all settings for title of the item and optionally add an arrow to make call to action (click on the title) more obvious
           - Summary has the same settings like title subsection. (based on our experience it’s better not to use broad content description since it’s reducing the need to click on the item)
           - Button subsection makes it possible to add the button for each item
           - Style subsection allows to adjust the background (outer and inner), border and paddings for the item 
  • Settings section allows:
          - to choose the sequence of content selection types (personally recommended content, most read, latest or ordered) that will define which type of content selection will be appeared first, second, etc.
          - to fill up with - it’s an optional setting. If you want Newzmate to fill up stories in the block to the number of items you specified on the layout level, choose complementary content selection type (-s) here.
          - to to give the name for the block which will be used later in Click Map stats
          - to set advanced settings:
  • Ignore publication date - allows you to pick up the content not only from the moment of the last sending - but for the whole period of time;
  • Include stories from blocks above - allows to have articles which are already in the other/previous blocks in the email newsletter (duplication of articles);
  • Include stories from previous emails - gives the possibility to send articles even if the user already received them previously;
  • Include stories previously visited by the user - allows to send articles, which subscriber already read on the website.

2. Static block is almost identical to Dynamic block in terms of settings with the only difference that the content should be manually added and will be the same for all subscribers

Therefore in the content subsection, you need to enter the title, category, summary and link (for the item), upload the image or add the URL.

All the other settings are the same as for dynamic block.

3. Visual Editor gives a possibility to add text, pictures, frames like as Microsoft Word and also you can insert HTML right into the template

4. Header block contains the date and “View in browser” link, date language and format.

5. Footer block allows to adjust links to Contact Us, About Us and Unsubscribe pages + Copyright

6. Social block allows to configure links and icons of social networks (add or remove them, control their appearance — monochrome or colorful)

7. Logo block allows to change newsletter’s brand logo

8. Image block allows to upload static image and adjust the style settings

9. Button block gives a possibility to add any button and put the link if you would like to add any call to action in the template.

10. Confirmation button allows to subscribe to other mailing lists and choose target campaigns.

11. ViewAll Button block is a know how of Newzmate that enables users to open links from the email in one browser tab without going back and forth from email to browser. It’s applicable only to dynamic content (blocks).

  • Text should invite subscribers to click the View All button, it’s a call to action. The button itself opens all stories from the newsletter in a convenient way that allows navigating through articles using tabs at the top of the screen.

12. Divider block allows to separate different blocks with a line

On top of the email preview you can find following buttons:

  • Send test email - click, enter an email address or a list separated by comma and get an email preview in your inbox
  • Preview - use this button to display changes that you made in the left menu (in Content or Settings) without saving it
  • Submit - saving changes on the server and updating email preview with the latest configuration
  • Cancel - resetting changes you made after last Submit

IMPORTANT: Content in email preview or the one you'll get in the inbox by sending a test email doesn't contain any personalization, neither filtered from duplicates (between different blocks of email). Content selection is just a list of latest stories from the feed to provide you with an understanding of email structure.

Also, we made a screencast in order to show the sample template creation process:

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