Opt-in forms provide you with a possibility to grow your mailing list faster and more efficient.

In this article, we’re covering details on how to create and configure opt-in forms within Newzmate Dashboard.

Once you put the code on your website you may want to create opt-in forms to collect new subscribers. Here's how to do that:

  1. Go to Opt-in widgets page and hit Create widget button.
  2. Name the widget and select the type (pop-up, embedded or anchored).
  • Pop-up: dims the page and appears before the visitor's eyes prompting to subscribe to the personalized mailing;
  • Embedded: sits in the page's layout wherever you define waiting for visitor to leave the email address;
  • Anchored: appears at the top or at the bottom of the page and prompts to subscribe to the newsletter.

    3. Once you determine which widget you'd like to go with, you can configure its look and behavior in the widget settings. To access settings click the gear-shaped icon on the Opt-in widgets page.
    4. When you're done setting up widgets, toggle the On/Off switch next to the one you'd like to activate.

Refer to this short screencast that illustrates the above steps:

Once you determine what kind of widget you'd like to go with (pop-up, anchored or embedded), you can configure its look and behavior in the opt-in form settings. To access settings click the gear-shaped icon on the opt-in forms page.

Appearance tab allows to customize the design of the opt-in form.

General settings enable you to choose a color for the background. 

Content settings allow to adjust the width (part for content), and paddings for top, left, right and bottom sides.

Desktop image settings enable you to choose the icon, the image or none if you don’t want to use any image or icon within the opt-in form.

Color: allows you to adjust a color for icon

When you choose an image you can configure its look and feel of whole opt-in form within the image. 

You can upload image from your computer or insert a link 

Width settings allow to set width for the image.
IMPORTANT: You can see the preview of opt-in form in the Newzmate Dashboard if the whole width of the form (content + image) doesn’t exceed 800 pixels. 

Paddings settings enable you to adjust spacing near the image

Position settings allows to choose the position of the image within the pop-up

Size settings have 2 options:

  • Cover: scale the background image to be as large as possible so that the background area is completely covered by the background image. Some parts of the background image may not be in view within the background positioning area.
  • Contain: scale the image to the largest size such that both its width and its height can fit inside the content area.

Also, you should adjust your opt-in form for Mobile version if you would like to use the image. The best way is to upload your logo and set a type of size - Contain. 

Button settings allow to adjust the color of the button in normal and hovered states. Also, it gives a possibility to choose the color of text on the button.

Text settings allow to harmonize a color of the main text above and under the button.

Input field colors: enable you to adjust a color of the text inside the field in a normal state; a color of the text when the visitor is typing and a color of the error message.

Input border colors: color for the border in a normal state; in the active state - when subscribers are typing and a color of the border when there is some error.

*For ONLY Embedded forms you also have a few additional settings such as:

Responsive setting allows you to enable the layout responsiveness for the embedded widget

Mobile layout switch with 480 pixels - allows you to specify the width of the form when the mobile layout will be switched 

Input form gives you a possibility to specify the width of the input form 

Input field settings allows you to adjust the height of the field, margin to button, field and border colors, border width and border radius. 

Submit button settings enable you to choose the position of the button (bottom, right, over), height, bottom margin, font size and border radius of the button.

Content tab is for text customization.

Title fields are for text on the 1st, 2nd and 3d lines.

Input field placeholder settings give a possibility to specified text for the default message inside the field; text for an invalid email address and a tooltip text.

Subscription button settings enable you to specify text on the button and text for the tooltip when hovering the button.

Text below the button allows to write text which will be under the button.

‘Already subscribed’ link title gives a possibility to compose text for the subscribers who already subscribed, but still see the form (for instance if they opened the page from a different device).

Success page tab allows to customize design and text for the success page (after successful subscription

Title: main success page message

Colors settings allow to modify a color of the background and text for success page.

Behavior tab allows to adjust different triggers (e.g. timeout, scroll, mouse-out) that affect opt-in form display.

Enable widget: Use to show / not show the widget on different devices

When to display settings allow to customize display conditions.

  • By timeout - how long it should take before the widget will appear
  • By scroll - how many pixels visitor should scroll before loading the widget
  • Exit intent - whether to show and after how many seconds the pop-up by moving mouse out of the browser window

Start loading On N pageview - pop-up widget should be loaded after a specified amount of pageviews.

What to Do after widget is closed:

  • Reopen on mouse out - whether to show and after how many seconds if the form already closed
  • Showing again in N days - to show the widget to the same visitor until these many days have passed

Advanced settings allows to adjust time for fade in, fade out, transition animations duration and time for display success page. Also, this tab gives a possibility to customize additional settings:

  • Close by click on empty area - whether close the widget by clicking on empty area
  • Close by ESC key pressed
  • Load anyway - whether load the opt-in form anyway (not paying attention to any other settings)
  • No need mailinglists - you should enable this option if you are using custom promo form that no need to gather email addresses
  • Skip if subscribed - whether to show the widget to the users who are already subscribed

Mailing lists tab allows to attach the widget to specific mailing lists, so the subscribers submitted in this form will be getting emails with content from campaign to which mailing list is attached.

Placeholder tab provides the code that you need to paste in the spot on your website where the widget should be displayed. (Only for Embedded widget).

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