On-site recommendations page of the Newzmate Dashboard allows to monitor activity and performance of your on-site recommendations widgets.

KPIs by widget analysis graph represents all key performance indicators (the number of clicks, advertisement clicks, impressions, views and CTR) for selected widget during a certain period of time. Hover the mouse on a particular day to see the box with details info.

WIDGETS by KPIs provides a possibility of widgets comparative analysis. If you have more than one widget on different pages and want to compare a number of impressions, views or clicks between them, this graph gives the best data representation for that.

General Performance Data table shows comprehensive statistic for all widgets during a certain period of time — number of impressions and views, number of clicks and advertisement clicks, and CTR.

You can export current tab of statistics to CSV as well as for KPIs by widget/widgets by KPIs.

Most clicked links show quantity of total clicks on any article in the on-site widget. You can change the time period of statistics.

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