Mailing lists page allows to manage the list of subscribers that can be attached to different email campaigns. 

Here is what you can do with the list:

  • You can use search filter to find the specific mailing list in case you have a lot of them
  • Enable / Disable mailing list (useful feature in case you have multiple lists attached to the same campaign and you want to disable sending emails to one of the lists)
  • View which campaign is associated with the mailing list
  • Add new subscribers. You can upload CSV file (only email addresses, without quotes) or write specific addresses manually
  • Download the mailing list with statuses of subscribers
  • Unsubscribe people manually by typing the address or uploading the CSV file with the list of email addresses you want to unsubscribe
  • Delete the mailing list in the dashboard

In the Campaigns section you can see a new icon “mailing lists” and by clicking on it you can attach a mailing list (-s) to the specific campaign. 

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