Dynamic ads enable you to serve any type of commercial content in emails at the moment of email opening, targeted in real-time by user interest, location, and device. More details about the technology behind dynamic ads you can find in this article.

In this article, we’re covering details on how to configure dynamic ads within Newzmate Dashboard:

  1. Ask Newzmate Support team to make adjustments of the RSS feed with dynamic ads (in both cases, if you add your own RSS feed with that contains your in-house ads or you will use the ads from native ads network provided by Newzmate).
  2. Go to Email section -> Dynamic ads.
  3. Click Create widget button in the top right corner of the Dashboard
  4. Type in the widgets name and click the Create button.
  5. Click the gear icon to access widget's settings.

Dynamic ads block settings consist of 5 sections, where various features of the block can be configured.

Sources section lets you attach the RSS feed to the block (the source of ads)

General section gives a possibility:

  • to set the block layout (using grid selector)
  • to choose the Content selection type (personally recommended or latest ads)
  • to adjust the dimensions of the ad block that will be in the email newsletter
  • to harmonize the background

Image section allows you to customize the dimensions for the image in the ad block. Also, you can upload a fallback image from your computer or insert a link, for the case when Newzmate won't be able to pick up any image from the feed.  

Text section gives you a possibility to harmonize the color of the background and the text in the dynamic ad block. Also, you are able to adjust the paddings, the font of the text and the text align in the ad block.

Once you configure the dynamic ads block, you should copy the HTML code of the block and paste it in the Visual Editor Block (HTML section) in the email newsletter.

In case you have any questions to clarify, please, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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