One of the key advantages of Newzmate is flexibility and control over the content you want to send and show to your audience. Whether you're sending automated email campaigns or provide on-site content recommendations you can set the rules that Newzmate should follow for content selection and distribution.

Content management starts with Sources Management page in the Dashboard that provides you with the overview of existing content sources and their statuses and checks intervals. On the same page, you can add a new source of content. In a basic scenario, all you need to add is just add an RSS / ATOM feed via this interface and Newzmate will automatically identify the right structure and start checking the feed for new content every 15 minutes with any further actions from your side.

At the same time if by any reason you cannot provide the content via RSS feed there are other options available to you:

  1. Feed Manager - it's a Newzmate product that we made in a separate from the Dashboard interface to make it easy for editorial, marketing or sales teams to fill up the newsletter with a new content without spending the time of email template editing.
  2. Static Blocks - within Newzmate's email editor you have different type of content blocks available, the one you use for content selection from the feed (RSS, Feed Manager, etc.) called dynamic block, at the same time you have a static block available to you, that has the same configuration workflow with the only difference: the source of the content is specified manually by you via Dashboard.
  3. HTML to RSS feed - in case previous options are not applicable, but you have the content you want to push via Newzmate on the specific page (s) website there is a possibility on our end to convert this HTML page (s) to RSS feed. Please contact your customer success manager at Newzmate to proceed with this option.
  4. JSON feed - another replacement for the RSS feed is a JSON feed, it's a more advanced and time-consuming type of integration, but it's also available to you. All you need is to prepare a JSON feed following these requirements and provide connection details to your customer success manager, so we can add in the Sources Management of the Dashboard.

These options usually cover 99% of all sources management needs, but in case they are not applicable to you we can always find the option that will work best for you, so let us know if you need something special.

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