Leveraging Newzmate's personalization engine you can increase audience retention and CTR of your email campaigns in MailUp.

You can use Newzmate in MailUp for three purposes:

  • to personalized content/product recommendations in the emails
  • improve commercial content performance (display or native advertising) to increase conversion and CTR via user interest, location and device targeting¬†
  • monetize your email campaign by embedding native advertising by 3rd party native ad network powered by Newzmate

All three options work in real-time at the moment of email opening using our Dynamic Ads solution.

If you're interested how Newzmate's personalization engine works you can find more information in this article

As a starting point you'd need to register an account in Newzmate and setup Dynamic Ad unit, information about the process here

As a source of the content for recommendations you can use your own RSS feed with products or add our native ad network source by contacting us via Support

Once, you create the dynamic ads, you should copy the HTML code as described in Dynamic Ads article and paste it in the your email template in MailUp


At the end of each link, you can see the parameter for user email address, that is where you need to use MailUp's dynamic/merge fields to replace this value with the actual email address of the user in your mailing list.

In case of any questions, please contact us directly

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