Please follow these steps to set up a mechanism for obtaining personalized content recommendations powered by Newzmate:

Setting up Newzmate app in your iContact account

  1. Go to
  2. Insert Newzmate app ID into the Application ID field:
    - Newzmate app ID is FvgSgjQ9kFy3ouEA8OCaJa7zX8MuLDie 

   3. Create a password for Newzmate in the corresponding field. We’ll need that password to access your account and insert content recommendations into your newsletter. We don’t do anything else but providing the content recommendations. Only Newzmate can use this password.
   4. Click the Save button. 

Supplying Newzmate with integration credentials.

To let our system produce content recommendations for your audience please send us the following:

   1. A link to your iContact list of subscribers who you want to provide with content recommendations.

   2. An email address that you use to log into your iContact account
   3. The password you created for the Newzmate app to access your iContact account (see step 3 of Setting up Newzmate app in your iContact account instructions)

After we set up our system to supply you with content recommendations, you’ll notice a list of fields in the Custom Fields section that you can access by clicking your username in iContact dashboard.

Each recommended story consists of a set of 3 custom fields — [tqXX_img], [tqXX_link] and [tqXX_title], where XX is a unique number of a set. You can use up to 10 sets of recommendations. You can request more than 10 sets by contacting Newzmate support.

To add recommended stories to your newsletter please replace placeholder images, titles, and links in the template with corresponding custom fields. For example:

You may want to add height and width restrictions for an image that would be displayed in the newsletter instead of [tqXX_img] custom field to ensure the newsletter layout looks appropriate.

After you modify the newsletter template you can proceed to send out emails as you normally would do with a hand picked content.

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