How Newzmate finds an image to illustrate a story when a story doesn't have one?

Sometimes a situation occurs when RSS feed doesn't contain a link to an image illustrating the story. It may be caused by a system hiccup or if an image wasn't supposed to be there in the first place, if an image is contained in a custom RSS tag or if the size of the image is less than 500x300 px.

In cases like the above, when Newzmate can't find an image in the RSS feed, it tries to take an image from <meta property = "og:image"> on the article's page.

If Newzmate couldn't find an image on the page, it makes a full-text analysis of the article, picking up all images that are no less than 500x300px in size and picks the one that has the highest resolution.
If it's still impossible to find the image, Newzmate picks up keywords from the article and makes an automated web image search, picking up the most relevant one and inserting it in the newsletter.

We suggest using a placeholder image, specific to each feed, or pick an image from a pre-defined pool to cover cases of irrelevant web image search results.

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