How can I manually select and add stories to newsletters?

We built Newzmate with automation in mind. Once you set up your account you don't have to worry about what stories to pick and send to your subscribers. But sometimes publishers prefer manual content selection and for those who want to pick stories for the newsletter by hand, we've designed a special tool — Newzmate Feed Manager. Using this tool the editorial, marketing or sales team can add any type of content manually without learning how to work in the Dashboard and making any changes in the email template, generally speaking Feed Manager enables you to have the same fully automated and dynamic content selection using dynamic blocks of the email template, but with the ability to specify stories you want to send.

Here's how to use it:

  1. Ask Newzmate's Customer Success Manager for the access credentials to Feed Manager. You'll get the username and password in response.
  2. Go to the Feed Manager page

   3. On this page, you can Create new feed that will contain a set of stories for a specific block of the newsletter
   4. Once the feed is created click on to enter
   5. Use Add story button to add an article in the feed

   6. Fill in the fields

  • Title displays the title of the story in newsletter
  • Category displays the category of the story in newsletter (optional)
  • Description is used for ranging stories within newsletters — more relevant to subscriber appear first, but this is also optional
  • Link to the story on the website
  • Image link is a direct link to the image for the story
  • Pub date. Indicate the date when the story should be sent in a newsletter. If you are creating Saturday's and Sunday's mailings on Friday, please indicate corresponding pub dates. 

   7. Click the Add button to add the story to newsletter
   8. Repeat the above steps to add another story to the newsletter.

After you added a list of stories you want you just need to copy a link to the feed and add it to sources of the content in the Dashboard. Once you made it the first time you'd just need to add new stories in the Feed Manager and Newzmate will automatically add them to the newsletter according to the publication date and content selection type

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