Since Newzmate ads UTM tags in every link (both in emails and for onsite recommendations) you can gather different data about this traffic behavior from your website analytics solution. Here is what you can find about Newzmate using Google Analytics

First of all, you can check the volume of traffic that Newzmate generation as well as bounce rate, page views per session and visit time. To find this information go to Acquisition → Overview → Source / Medium

You can also in on this page in search field enter Newzmate (Traqli) name and compare how Newzmate (Traqli) traffic perform comparing to average numbers from other sources: 

Next, you can find the information of the most clicked stories from Newzmate to get a better understand which articles are trending from personalized or most popular recommendations. Go to the Behavior section → Site content → All Pages in the main windows click on Secondary dimension, enter source in the search field and choose Source / Medium value, now in the main table with the results you’ll get a second column with the name of the traffic source near each article link 

The next thing is just filtering the results by the keyword newzmate (traqli) and you have all the information about particular links that your audience usually opening from Newzmate emails or onsite recommendations

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