Getting the same articles in the emails is usually caused by changes to existing articles in RSS feed.

Here are important tags in RSS feed: 

<guid> - unique identificator of the article
<title> - title of the article

<category> - use this tag to inform about category of content
<link> - link to the article
<description> - short summary or full text of the article, depends on your needs
<pubdate> - date publication

<date> - when the article was added to the RSS feed
<enclosure> - description of the object, which is attached to the article ( usually includes link to the  image).

For example, if you change <title> of existing article, then <link> of this story may be changed automatically as well. And if this story doesn’t have <guid> in the RSS feed, Newzmate will recognize this story as a new one, so it may send two similar articles. Also, if you change <link> in the story without <guid> tag, Newzmate also sees it as a new one and may send two same stories.

To prevent sending same stories, we recommend having <guid> tag in your RSS feed, which would reliably identify the article.

If you want to make any changes in your existing article, you have to set updated time of adding an article to feed inside tag <date> or, if you don’t have it – in <pubdate>. Usually, it is advised to set corresponding date-time value increased by 1 second in comparison to the old value.

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