If you need to add content into Newzmate via JSON feed here is a sample feed with guidelines you need to follow:


    "items": [


            "link": "http://example.com/item-one-link_mandatory_field",

            "title": "Item one title (mandatory field)",

            "description": "This is description for item one. It is optional field",

            "guid": "http://example.com/?id=1_optional_but_recommended_field",

            "image": "http://example.com/images/item-one-image_mandatory_field.jpg",

            "categories": [

                "Example item",

                "Optional field",

                "Field 'published_date' below is mandatory",

                "Field 'updated_date' below is strongly recommended"


            "published_date": "2017-05-03T12:34:56.789Z",

            "updated_date": "2017-05-05T23:45:01.234Z"



            // ... next item




It's important that data should be available via HTTP GET request. Accepted HTTP response codes are 200 OK as well as 301 and 302 redirects. Basic HTTP auth is also supported (in this case credentials should be provided to us).

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