This method allows to set values of up to 16 different custom user merge fields for up
to 16 users in one invocation (therefore, up to 256 objects can be passed).



with the following JSON body:

[ {
“user”: <user_id> | “user_email”,
“umf”: <umf_id> | “umf_name”,
“value”: <umf_value>
}, { ... } ]

will return HTTP code 200 upon success and corresponding error code and message

API accepts users as user IDs, user EMAILs and user merge fields as user merge field
IDs and user merge field NAMEs interchangeably.

Therefore, this method allows to set user merge field <value>(s) for a referenced user(s).

<site_id> (also know as <publisher_id>) should be queried from Newzmate Support. This value uniquely represents a Site (formerly, a Publisher) within Newzmate Dashboard.

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