Facebook Instant Articles is a mobile publishing format that enables news publishers to distribute articles to Facebook's app that load and display as much as 10 times faster than the standard mobile web.

In addition to native content, you can add call-to-action (CTA) units to your Instant Articles to help create direct relationships with your most loyal readers on Facebook. These units appear inline in your Instant Articles and feature the same native speed and responsiveness readers enjoy in all Instant Articles.

One of this type of units is Email newsletter sign ups

You can create and customize these units through a self-service management flow and see their performance on a dedicated insights page. These tools are accessible through your Facebook Page.

With this article (based on Facebook Developers portal information) we want to explain how you can create this type of unit and import gathered subscribers into your Newzmate's mailing list for further personalized email communication.

Step # 1. Create an email sign-up module in Facebook Instant Articles management page. You find details about this process by this link, sections Email Newsletter Sign-Up Unit and Email Newsletter Sign Ups

Step #2. Subscribers list export. There are three options available: TSV file export, Bulk Read and Webhooks. More information on how to setup an export in this article

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