To launch dynamic ads in the email newsletter within Newzmate Dashboard, you’ll need to go through next steps: 

  1. Add an site on which you want to launch dymamic ads. 
  2. Go to Setup → Sources Management page and add new RSS feeds with dynamic ads. Ask Newzmate Support team to make adjustments of the RSS feed with dynamic ads (in both cases, if you add your own RSS feed with that contains your in-house ads or you will use the ads from native ads network provided by Newzmate).
  3. Go to Email section -> Dynamic ads and create new dynamic ads.  Instruction how to create a block with ads you can find in this article.
  4. Copy the HTML code of the block that you have just created and paste it in the email newsletter.
  5. Go to Setup → Integrations page and create an integration. Requirements how to do it you can find in this article. Put the code on every page of the website where you want Newzmate to gather information about visitors and show more relevant ads.
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