Merge Fields Management enables you to easily add new custom data that we call Merge Fields (e.g. First and Last Name, Title, Company, personalized links, etc.) related your users that you can later use in email newsletters. 

In this article, we’re covering details on how to create and configure Merge Fields within Newzmate Dashboard: 

  1. Go to Setup -> Merge Field Management 
  2. Click on Add New Merge Field button in the top right corner of the Dashboard
  3. Type the name of the Merge Field
  4. Choose the type of the Merge Field (string - for searchable text, number, etc.) to define the type of data that is going to be stored in the field
  5. Write a description of the Merge field (optional
  6. Set validation (optional)

Once, you created the Merge Field, you can change a status: 

  • active - a Merge Field is active and you can show it in the email newsletter and transfer new values for this Merge Field
  • read only - current value of a Merge Field will be displayed but you can not set new values for the Merge Field 
  • write only -  a Merge Field will not be displayed but you can gather and keep the values of the Merge Field
  • disabled - a Merge Field is not active and it would not be displayed (also, the current value is saved but it can not be changed)

     7.  Then, you should go to Email -> Templates
     8.  Click on the Visual Editor Block -> Merge Fields
     9.  Choose a created Merge Field (from Merge Field menu of the Visual Editor toolbox) and set it in the email newsletter

Also, below is the list of steps on how to transfer the data in User Merge filed using Merge Fields Manipulation API in Newzmate: 

  1. Send an email address to Newzmate mailing list. Before sending the value of Merge Field of some email address, this email address should be already in Newzmate system. You can create a new mailing list and send an email addresses to this mailing list. It would be just general mailing list which will keep email addresses.  
  2. Send an email address, User Merge Field id (or the name of UMF) and value of this UMF to Newzmate. How to do that you can find by this article
  3. Send the email address to the correct mailing list that is attached to the email campaign.

In case you have any questions to clarify, please, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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