Newzmate provides 3 distribution modes you can work with:

          1. Triggered.

Automated content distribution based on the event of new subscribers addition to the list. Same subscribers may be added to the same list indefinite amount of times allowing to create repeatable triggered campaigns controlled via widgets or API.  

Email will be sent to a new subscriber after she (re)added to the list but only on the day and within the time frame specified by schedule

Triggered - immediately. Email will be sent to a new subscriber right after she is (re)added to the list. 

          2. Recurring.  

This option gives a possibility to select specific days of the week and time frame for regular email distribution. Please take into account two factors:

           1. The time is specified in UTC (+0h) format by default, but you can adjust it to your local time zone if you need it.
           2. Newzmate provides the start time and end time. It was made for personalization reason. As you might already know Newzmate personalize delivery time based on user activity data, therefore we recommend to specify as wide range as possible, so Newzmate can provide more delivery time options to the end user. 

Recurring - immediately (Breaking news). It means that the newsletter will be sent immediately by an external event, which is a content publication in the feed, so once the story appeared in the feed it will automatically send to the subscribers in this campaign. 

         3. One time. Provides the option to send any campaign once, at specified date and time.

Also, when creating a new email campaign, you need initially to choose the type of the schedule, which can not be changed in the future. 

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